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Private company cap table management with access to primary and secondary market liquidity on one powerful platform. Keeping your cap table accurate and up-to-date has never been easier.

MORE efficiency, MORE liquidity

A complex process is now better than ever. Unlike others, Adnales offers two distinct benefits. Once your cap table is set up in its original (and accurate) state, it’s retained as such - reducing time and effort for reconciliation around a raise. It’s also the only cap table management platform built on blockchain and directly linked to a liquid Marketplace, with a simple investor validation feature, making primary and secondary offerings faster and easier.

CONFIDENCE IN your cap table

Private companies can easily track, manage, and report their cap table. Reduce risk and friction with an immutable record and instant traceability. Know your cap table is held in its valid state of your cap table, eliminating the days of effort around a capital raise.

Executives & admins

Focus on growth with confidence, reduce errors, and track corporate actions immutably. Business leaders will be able to offer liquidity to investors and employees in Marketplace.


Realize liquidation faster and track their investments more precisely with the latest information about investments, due diligence, and vesting.


Feel more invested in the company with transparent reporting and flexible opportunities to exercise stock options and participate in secondaries.


Have confidence in the validity of your data and reduce the need for reconciliation, freeing up time and resources to grow your business. PLUS, access a liquid Marketplace for primary issuance and secondary trading.

Better with Blockchain

Adnales combines the distributed, trustless, and immutable characteristics of the Provenance blockchain with the functions of ledger, registry, and a trading platform for assets and markets - driving efficiency, affordability, and liquidity for private companies.


Always know your cap table is in a valid state. Transform days of effort into minutes around your next capital raise.


Save time and effort reconciling your data. Know your source of truth is held securely and immutably.


Natively connected to the Figure Marketplace exchange, it offers the opportunity for real-time private market liquidity and trading.


Instantly pull reports with confidence in the validity of the data. What’s taken days or longer, only takes a few minutes and clicks.


Changes are tracked automatically and instantaneously. Ownership information is clear and customizable for permissioning.


The integrated Passport feature offers seamless setup and subscription for accredited investors.

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Marketplace (coming soon!)

Marketplace will enable the discovery, issuance, purchase, transfer and redemption of equity and options by combining bilateral trading capability. In the future, we anticipate that Marketplace will rival the primary trading platforms, connecting private entities and offering real-time bilateral trading and settlement.

Primary and secondary liquidity

Offer equity and ability to trade seamlessly. Manages ROFR, approval process, and transfers certificates.

Investor Passport

Securely verifies investor accreditation and performs KYC/AML/BSA checks on individuals and entities.

Real-time settlement

Equity investors on the platform can benefit from real time settlement (T+0) with no counterparty or settlement risk.

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Basic plan

  • Superior cap table management capabilities
  • Electronic certificate, option, warrant and note issuances
  • Investor and Employee access to investment through web and mobile app
  • For a limited time, save up to 80% on the first year’s subscription

pro plan

Basic plan, plus:

  • ASC 718 stock based compensation expense accounting reports
  • Form 3921 year end option tax reporting
  • Marketplace (Coming Soon!) - liquid marketplace with access to real-time bilateral settlement on primary and secondary trading

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